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El amigo de un amigo de un periodista murió de SWINE INFLUENZA.
El amigo de un amigo de Joaquin Lopez Doriga, también esta muriendo de esta enfermedad.
Mientras el amigo de un amigo que se apehida AZCARRAGA, se hace millonario.
Mientras el amigo de un amigo que trabaja en las finanzas multiplica sus inversiones en dolares.
Mientras el amigo de un amigo que trabaja en el gobierno de E.U. logra una barrera natural al comercio mexicano que competía con las empresas que le dan mordidas.

Nadie conoce a nadie que se haya muerto o contagiado de esta “CURIOSA” enfermedad. No se dejen llevar, permanezcan escépticos. Los mantendremos informado.


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Just wanted to share some points I find “suspicious” from the information I have researched regarding this “panic situation”.

Everything starts with this “Flexible credit line”, that Mexico got from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) couple of weeks ago. First one of this kind and biggest in the history of this organisation:

Here the note:

“The IMF approved a credit line for Mexico of $47 billion in the first use of a new instrument designed to bolster strong performing economies against fallout from the current global economic crisis.

‘Today is a historic occasion,’ said IMF First Deputy Managing Director John Lipsky. ‘The IMF Executive Board has approved the first Flexible Credit Line arrangement and, at the same time, the largest financial arrangement in the Fund’s history. The approval of this arrangement for Mexico represents the consolidation of a major step in the process of reforming the IMF and making its lending framework more relevant to member countries’ needs”

Then… In the next days:

April 2009: G-7 (USA, Canada, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom) had a meeting in London in order to discuss how the economy will be rescued from this global crisis. (personally I think it was more to discuss about their own interests not those conserning the rest of the world).

April 17-18: Mr. Obama came to Mexico and had a private meeting with Calderon.

April 23: President Calderon had an emergency meeting with his “closest” and during that night the secretary of health Jose Angel Cordoba Villalobos anounced the appearing of “Swine flu” suspending all clases Mexico Df, and Estado de Mexico.

April 24: G-7 Declares that economy should start running this year and all actions necessaries will be launched.

It’s been about 2 years that pharmaceutic industry is going down. with this panic and high demand of vaccines their are leading the global stock markets. Health business and the money it moves is HUGE. Remeber.. money talks…

I just read a new from the New York Times where it is said that President Obama is spreading lots of money into the fharmaceutic companies to devoloppe and produce a vaccin as soon as possible. And they estimate that this demand will be covered by january of 2010, just for the United States, and it could take as long as 4 yars to conver the global demand. Of course, with the “deal” of producing into the USA. They are also talking about investments for the creation of manufacturing labs wich generates at the same time new jobs, researching, medical producion, etc. Good way to reactivate economy! (just like they do it with wars).

And this is not only in the US, we all know specially Japan, Germany and United Kingdom for their medical industry (one of their most importants). So.. why not “creating” world wide panic in order to reactivate their economies, with the participation of Mexico (remember the $47 USD billions we got in flexible credit line from the International Monetary Fund) and also, Mexico remains as the “incoditional friend” of the G-7.
Have you realized how much they are selling in medication after this swine stuff? Now we are even IMPORTING surgery masks! (5 millions for Mexico DF), pharmaceutic alcohol and anti-virals offer is not being enough in many spots of Mexico, and some countries of the world. And that is without taking in account future sales and investment if we consider more than 5000 millions of people around the world asking for a new vaccine.

Low global demand is sinking global production. If there is no demand, then make it up!

Business is Business.


Your comment makes a lot of sense, it really made me think. Who’s the real winner of this situation? Are economies willing to risk their whole production to get the pharmaceutical industry going? Do you think this whole pandemia is just starting? do you think this will become an international panic? How will this improve mexico’s economy?

Thanks for you your comments, we all would appreciate that you commented once more our blog.

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